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Bryce Nickel (born 1984) is an autistic savant, college graduate, and politician from Anacortes, WA (USA). He grew up with an audio-based learning disability, underdeveloped social skills, and wasn’t diagnosed with autism until he was 33. His intelligence quotient is 126, which is in the top 4.15% of the general population. He has stated that his high intelligence and ability to work around his neurological differences is why he went undiagnosed for so long.

He studied Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, and Economics at Central Washington University. He wrote his senior paper on gamifying the classroom, interned at Boeing during his senior year and developed seven innovative projects related to gamification, game theory, & employee engagement.

He is currently an elected Precinct Committee Officer (2016), and plans to expand his political career to advocate for the autism community. He is also currently working part-time at the Boys & Girls Clubs (2015) as a STEM Coordinator… as he searches for a professional career in project management and/or business administration with a focus in innovation, engagement, diversity & inclusion, knowledge transfer, and/or video game development.

Read more about this inspiring leader on his political page, professional page, or his social media pages Facebook & Twitter.