David Barth

David Barth (born 1998) is an award-winning artist with Asperger's Syndrome from the Netherlands. He started drawing from the moment he could hold a pencil in his hand (at about 2 years of age). He draws many subjects, from animals (in particular birds) to buildings, all very detailed. He also knows the scientific names of the birds he draws (over 400), including their Latin names. David published his first picture book "Poeperlak en Plassebed" in 2008 with his mother's help and a second book in 2010 "Wat is er toch met Kobus?", translated "What's up with Kobus?" (his mother wrote the book and David illustrated it.) Enjoy David's fantastic art and read more about him (there are also photos of exhibitions as well as videos about him) on his website and in this article.