Donna Williams

Donna Williams (October 12, 1963 - April 22, 2017) was a very talented poet, artist, author, songwriter/musician and screenwriter from Australia. She was diagnosed as autistic in 1991 (before 1991 she had wrongly been diagnosed with other conditions). Her work includes four autobiographies that highlight how it is to live with autism: Nobody Nowhere: The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic Girl (1992), Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism (1994), Like Colour to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul Finding (1998) and Everyday Heaven: Journeys Beyond the Stereotypes of Autism (2004). Donna died of cancer on April 22, 2017. She was extremely brave and optimistic throughout her final journey and inspired many people. This film by Paper Owl Films will tell her story. The Donna Williams Bravery Award was created in her honor and she was one of the winners (posthumously) in 2018. She is also included on this list of Great Women of Our Time. Read more about this extraordinary lady and enjoy some of her work on her website.