James Hobley (born 1999) is a fantastic dancer from the UK who was a finalist on Britain's Got Talent 2011. James describes himself as a dancer whose act can best be described as a crossover between ballet and freestyle disco and who manages to fuse the poise and gracefulness of ballet with the energetic and gymnastic moves of freestyle disco. He has been described by the media as a real life 'Billy Elliot'. Very early in life James tiptoe-walked and as a result the tendons in his legs were very tight so he had to wear splints on both legs and orthopaedic boots. This all changed when he discovered dancing at 8. His tendons stretched naturally and very soon he no longer needed the splints and boots and gained confidence, enabling him to also make friends. Read more about this extraordinary dancer on his Facebook fan page or read an update since Britain's Got Talent 2011 here.