Mikaela Scheldt

Mikaela Scheldt is a fabulous young artist, photographer and poet from the USA with a profound artist statement: “My life’s work is figuring out how to meaningfully communicate and engage with people. Making art objects is just one way I’m doing that.” Mikaela also says: "How does being an artist affect my experience as a person with Asperger’s Syndrome?  It’s everything! When I am working in the studio I feel calm and strong. I still struggle with basic adult tasks. Sensory overload, social anxiety, executive functioning still slow me down, but it’s manageable. With a constant studio practice, I have fewer meltdowns, anxiety attacks, and my brain doesn’t shut down as frequently." Mikaela became an artist when she started reading feminist art theory as an undergraduate. She was writing even before she became an artist and says this about writing: “Finding words to fit the images and emotions that crowd my brain is a really productive practice.” Mikaela is included on this list of Great Women of Our Time. You can enjoy Mikaela's wonderful art, photos (in particular surf photos) and poetry on her website.