Sydney Edmond

Sydney Edmond is a very determined and resourceful autistic young lady who powerfully described how it was to be trapped in her body when she was in her early teens and now managed to make many of her dreams come true. She is an artist, a poet (she wrote a book called The Purple Tree and Other Poems), a lecturer and a classical ballet student. Sydney uses a computer with voice output to communicate and was helped to improve her skills by speech therapist Darlene Hanson. Sydney herself describes how she started to write poetry: “I loved to listen to people sing. The songs lilted playfully in my head. Their rhythms palled playfully with the rhyming lyrics. Wanting to play with precious words, I began writing my own playful poems. I particularly played longest to put real observations poetically." She also wrote: “Inspiration is all around us. I love Nature. Trees. Birds. Life opened up for me when I was ten and began communicating. That long-awaited precious gift will inspire me for years and years.” Sydney is also the subject of a documentary film called "My Name is Sydney" by Melanie Vi Levy, who in 2009, when the film was released, was a student filmmaker. Read more about Sydney's story here and enjoy her art on her Facebook page.