Vito Bonanno

Vito Bonanno is an accomplished, award-winning artist from New Haven, CT. Vito exhibits his art regularly in both solo and groups exhibitions. His first solo exhibition, Unfiltered V: Vito Bonanno Riding with the Train Girls, took place in May 2012 at the Akus Gallery (Eastern CT State University) and included works on paper, canvas, video pieces, a student-artist interactive mural project and installationsElizabeth Peterson, the director of the gallery, stated: “The characters, objects and ideas that inhabit Vito Bonanno’s work act and interact in striking ways. Caught within the grids and map-like structures he imagines, they are often in a struggle between multiple worlds. He has found a way to tap in the intensity of focus and insight afforded him through autism to unleash a formidable creative power and vision”. Vito also has his own studio and regularly works with art facilitators. He was diagnosed with autism just before his 4th birthday and was able to develop into the great man he is today thanks to the support of his family and the help of committed professionals. Read more about Vito on his website.